Sustainability Alliance of Urban Networks in Asian Cities 

Sustainability Alliance of Urban Networks in Asian Cities (SAUNAC) is funded by the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme and is a partnership of 5 European and 6 Vietnamese universities. The activity aims to build the capacity of the universities in Vietnam and their stakeholders to give them the tools to enable a transition in Vietnam through a number of activities that educate professionals and students to develop viable solutions for smart sustainable cities.


This new cooperation between universities, enterprises and public bodies provides valuable opportunities for students to learn by designing solutions for environmental challenges in the cities as part of their Higher Education studies. In the longer term participants will form sustainable alliances, not only between universities in Vietnam but also between universities and enterprises at the regional, national and international level.


SAUNAC will bring benefit to:


Higher Education Institutions in Vietnam through new links between other universities and industry and increased capacity and delivery tools to modernise education and bring new provision to Vietnam.


Students will be involved through pilot teaching and activities under project. Students will take part in surveys, post-pilot teaching evaluation.


Enterprises participating in the SAUNAC project will get a valuable opportunity to become familiar with the new theories and innovations developed in the local HEIs. Above all the enterprises will see the students as future employees working in the cooperation projects between HEIs and other organisations.


European HEIs interested in cooperation with South-East Asian universities. These organisations get direct added value from SAUNAC in creating favourable groundowrk for forthcoming cooperation in education, staff and students exchange as well as joint research and development activities.


European companies active in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Vietnam.  As the activity develops, more and more European companies of all sizes but especially medium-sized European companies will benefit from European trained Vietnamese to work and grow the business in the Vietnamese market with highly qualified and reliable employees.

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