SAUNAC has been presented at the 8th meeting of the Asia & Pacific nations network. Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Thi Ha – VNU-HUS presented “Urban Sustainable Development: Challenges and Solutions” in APNN 2018 in the section dedicated to “Natural Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation”

With the agreement of the Party Central Committee’s External Relations Committee, the Viet Nam Women’s Union in collaboration with the Viet Nam Association for Intellectual Women held the INWES- APNN 2018 Conference in Hanoi from 18 to 20 October 2018 with the participation of 300 delegates or so, including about 60 international delegates from 16 countries and territories, 40 international participants/guests in Viet Nam and 200 Vietnamese delegates who are female scientists, researchers and lecturers from research institutes, universities, ministries and branches nationwide.

APNN is the Asia-Pacific Network of International Women Engineers and Scientists Network, a UNESCO partner, established in 2011, with a membership of up to 250,000. In addition to APNN, INWES also has two more regional networks which are INWES-Europe (European region) and INWES-Africa (African region). Participating in the INWES-APNN network, members have the opportunity to collaborate in research, share experiences and exchange common concerned issues, projects and initiatives to serve the development of each member.

On 18/10/2018, there was an annual APNN meeting, where representatives of APNN members presented their country report on the activities of their association/organization in the past year up to now. The participants discussed, made recommendations to strengthen cooperation among the members of the APNN in the coming time. Currently, the APNN consists of 13 members from 13 countries and territory, i.e. Australia, Bangladesh, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Vietnam. With the theme “Women Scientists for Sustainable Development in the Digital Age”, the international and Vietnamese participants have the opportunity to exchange information, share experiences and make recommendations on hot issues for each country, region and the world.

In the morning of October 19th 2018, three thematic workshops were held simultaneously with the themes: (i) Gender and Gender Equality in Science and Technology; (ii) Food Safety and Nutrition; (iii) Natural Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation.

At the end of the Conference, the Hanoi Declaration was expected to address the concerns that we are facing such as gender equality, climate change, environment, sustainable as well as regional cooperation, put forward the proposals in the area of scientific research, information sharing, training and supporting women on boards, promoting gender equality, especially in science and technology.

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