Regional Contact ERASMUS+ Seminar, Ho-Chi-Minh City 23 – 25 May 2017

The invitation-only meeting invited 70 representatives from universities, higher education administrations and higher education associations at both a national and regional level. The event focused primarily on countries from South and South-East Asia, particularly on less-developed countries – where Erasmus+ is keen to see more proposals. Phuong Pham of Haiphong University delivered a presentation on SAUNAC project on the 24th of May. In the presentation Phuong highlighted the projects aims:

  • To build the capacity of the universities in Vietnam and the stakeholders.

  • To educate professionals and students to develop viable solutions for smart sustainable cities.

  • To equip the tools to enable a transition in Vietnam.

The participants at the seminar included potential applicants and key stakeholders from the HE sector representing the target groups for SAUNAC and prospective beneficiaries who can help spread the word about Erasmus+ opportunities.


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